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More specific migraine language can help correct the misunderstanding that “migraines are just a bad headache” and instead recognize migraine as the complex, highly prevalent, and nuanced disease it is.

My days look very different than almost all of my peers. My “busy” looks different. I am still busy; but that busy entails creating space for healing, taking care of my body, and bargaining with my energy.

One of the most important lessons I have learned since my diagnosis is that every brain that experiences migraine is singularly unique.

At the end of the day, I know now, that rest is incredibly productive, even when it feels quite the opposite. I hope that these words can inspire you to introduce kindness, patience and compassion, acceptance and celebration into your own rest routines too.

Feeling this tension, between wanting to help and not knowing how to, is completely normal, especially if you have never experienced migraine firsthand…

“…it doesn’t make you a ‘bad’ person to notice and be aware of the ways COVID restrictions have supported, even eased, certain aspects of your life with chronic illness…”

Every person will have a different recipe for what soothes them during a migraine attack. Whether you reach for…

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Restorative yoga has become one of the most effective ways I communicate safety and calm to my body and nervous system…

My Bearaby blanket has truly become one of my most utilized and trusty wellness resources and anxiety tools. Not to mention an aesthetically pleasing addition to our home…

It is with absolute gratitude and giddy excitement that I sit down to write these words to introduce you to a project my soul has been dreaming up and nudging me to bring forth into the world for several years now…


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