Not only did my overly frequent apologies feel like they were losing some of their authenticity as they were constantly spilling from my mouth, but they also created a paradigm where I lived with a woefully inaccurate perception of self-blame for circumstances outside of my control.

I find myself looking back at the joyful moments and the difficult moments with gratitude and awe;  I feel my heart soak in the tender truth that this year, finally, held a little bit less pain, and a little bit more ease.  

Mantras are one of my favorite tools and I reach for them especially when I have to navigate situations that are difficult, overwhelming, or particularly taxing on my mind, body, or soul.  The quiet repetition of a mantra is one of the most effective ways I offer my mind more loving thoughts during tough moments. […]

The more grace you can give yourself as you move at your own pace, the more friendly personal development will feel.

“…it doesn’t make you a ‘bad’ person to notice and be aware of the ways COVID restrictions have supported, even eased, certain aspects of your life with chronic illness…”

It is with absolute gratitude and giddy excitement that I sit down to write these words to introduce you to a project my soul has been dreaming up and nudging me to bring forth into the world for several years now…

That once you begin to look for it, you will find joy in the most unexpected places. You begin to realize the power you wield to love life, by simply being aware of the things in your world that give you life.

The slightest increase in energy and decrease in pain can make me feel like I have an obligation to take on the world; like I need to “make use” of this precious time and that my energy should be focused on the “most efficient” decision…

I’ve realized there is no timeline for how long certain emotions need to be felt in order to be ready to dissipate, and that it is my responsibility to look after each one that comes up within me with loving, patient, tenderness…

Once you’re a member of this club, you know that even on the worst days of your life, you don’t get a name tag for the day that says, “I’m struggling. Please be kind to me”


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