Not only did my overly frequent apologies feel like they were losing some of their authenticity as they were constantly spilling from my mouth, but they also created a paradigm where I lived with a woefully inaccurate perception of self-blame for circumstances outside of my control.

Sharing five of my top “re-route” soul-care strategies so that they can serve as little candles of hope and gentle reminders as you navigate the rest of this holiday season. 

For those who haven’t experienced these long bouts of debilitating pain, it can be hard to understand the magnitude of what I’m going through…

In my decade of learning how to navigate chronic illness with less suffering and more compassion, implementing better vocabulary and communication skills when dealing with canceled plans has been pivotal in smoothing some of the inevitable emotional turbulence. 

Checking in on the Slack Soul Care Hub has become a ritual in my self-care and a precious resource for encouragement and connection with like-minded friends. A safe haven of support from others who share a deep commitment to finding ways to live well through hurt and hardship.

As much as I love celebrating the holiday season, it can often feel like navigating an obstacle course when living with chronic migraine.

“How do your loved ones effectively show up as a migraine ally when you are in the middle of a flare? What specific behaviors, phrases, errands, or offers provide the most reassurance and relief?”

More specific migraine language can help correct the misunderstanding that “migraines are just a bad headache” and instead recognize migraine as the complex, highly prevalent, and nuanced disease it is.

My days look very different than almost all of my peers. My “busy” looks different. I am still busy; but that busy entails creating space for healing, taking care of my body, and bargaining with my energy.

One of the most important lessons I have learned since my diagnosis is that every brain that experiences migraine is singularly unique.


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