From Mindful Migraine → Mindful Natalie


  1. Ann says:

    Congratulations … sounds like a wonderful transition!

  2. Jamie says:

    I am absolutely thrilled to read this. I’ve considered doing something similar for my blog. Your energy carries through your words in such a beautiful way. Your journey resonates with my my own. It’s a joy to connect in that way.

  3. Jody says:

    Natalie is an inspiration❤️

  4. lisa herget says:

    I’m beyond happy for this new change
    I look so up to you for strength
    I love you

  5. Fiona says:

    Thank you so much Natalie for your blog, I love this perspective on illness and am using the ‘soul tools’ you describe to navigate fibromyalgia. You inspire and warm my heart..
    Love Fiona x

  6. Jeff says:

    When I hear of someone who has chronic migraines as well it makes me feel I’m not alone in this. I male (which is less common for a migraine sufferer) and my chronic ones didn’t hit until my late 30s. I have hemiplegic migraines and they were so frequent and didn’t respond to any treatment (was a regular at the neurology department of UCSF medical center) that after five years of it my neurologist offered to support me in a disability claim. I’ve been on social security disability for them for 12 years now. While they’re better than they were when I was working as an accountant, they really impacted my life socially and professionally. Wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

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