The first version of this blog was named “Mindful Migraine”, as were all of my social media accounts until the launch of MN in June of 2021. 

My story with chronic illness began at age 22 with a diagnosis of Chronic Migraine, which meant I was experiencing migraine pain on over half of the days of every month. As I desperately tried to find my place in the “real world” as a post-grad, my migraine attacks steadily soared in frequency and severity. 

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It was terrifying to watch my early 20’s blur into years defined by debilitating pain, weekly doctors’ office visits, frightening procedures, and more medication than I ever imagined myself taking. My reality was a long way off from what I had always imagined “adulting” successfully as a 20-something would look like. 

As the chasm between what I felt like I should be doing and what I was actually able to do widened, I found my way to Instagram. When I began sharing about my journey with Chronic Migraine online, my deepest hope was that I might find one person, somewhere in the world, navigating the same all-encompassing pain, and be able to provide a glimmer of light in their fight. 

My Instagram account eventually evolved into a blog as I felt called to share my story through writing. I was lucky enough to connect with souls across the world facing a similar battle against the same diagnosis that had left me so lonely, afraid, and unsure of how to proceed with my life. In addition to sharing my story, I became passionate about learning more about the science behind migraine and advocating for improved acceptance and awareness of migraine as a disease.

Creating content for and building the community within @mindfulmigraine in my early 20’s empowered me with a newfound passion and resilience. 

It was the space where I found validation in the fact that although migraine disease is tough; people living with migraine are tougher and as mighty as they come.

Today, the @mindfulmigraine Instagram account is an extension of the Mindful Natalie blog, wholly dedicated to all things migraine wellness. It’s a special corner of the internet devoted to fostering understanding and acceptance of the incredibly broad spectrum of ways migraine disease exists and presents, along with sharing treatment changes and tools I continue to learn in my migraine journey.

I am sending loving energy to every single person fighting big battles behind closed doors and blackout curtains. Please know that you are not alone, you are seen, you are supported and you are loved.

Check out the MM Instagram page for more resources or my Migraine Products page in my amazon shop, full of many of my favorite items in my migraine toolbox.


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