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I’ve spent years searching, testing, and trying out products to integrate into my lifestyle that support my health and well-being on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Shop my Amazon favorites and use these discount codes on products I use daily. 

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Living with chronic migraine for most of my 20’s, I’ve spent years honing my migraine toolbox. Through an incredible amount of trial and error, I’ve found products that help me to prevent and manage the pain of migraine attacks. Every person’s experience of migraine is as unique as their fingerprint, but I hope that some of these can help you, too!

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I am deeply passionate about creating a home that is a haven for healing. From handy kitchen tools that facilitate healthy meals to an environment of cozy ambiance, I love exploring and sharing products that help me mindfully create calm in my world. 

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Avulux: $15 off a pair of glasses using code MINDFULMIGRAINE
Thrive Market: 25% off your first order using this link
Four Sigmatic: 10$ off your first order using this link
The Fawn Doe: 10% off your first purchase using code MINDFUL10
Yoga Wake Up App: 25% off this link
Daily Harvest: $25 off your first box using code RE-ESHSK85


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