welcome to clinical copilot!

CC is a project I started with my (now) husband in July of 2019 to share resources and strategies for cultivating healthy, supportive relationships while navigating chronic illness and other health challenges. 

My husband and I were partners before I got sick, then during the confusing onset of debilitating pain, and have been together ever since. Clinical Copilot is a space where we share the mindset tools and practical tips that have been the biggest supports both in our relationship and in navigating relationships with friends and family all while managing severe, chronic pain. 

We both believe wholeheartedly

We believe that living with a chronic condition does not mean we have to compromise healthy relationships, kind and clear communication, pursuing our dreams, or building a support network that is full of compassion and understanding.

that chronic illness is just one aspect of the beautiful life we are building together. 

In sharing our story, we hope to empower you to strengthen the connections with the copilots in your life — including, but not limited to, parents, friends, coworkers, roommates, and your medical team.

Check out the CC Instagram page for more about our story and real-time updates as we continue to share the tools we are using to cultivate a life-well loved – both with each other and the people who are most important to us. 


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