7 Pain Relief Tools Besides Medication


  1. sunshinesannemarije says:

    One thing that helps me through high pain and especially with falling asleep is tiger balm (essentially peppermint & eucalyptus oil that has a texture like coconut oil).
    I apply it all over my forehead (luckily my pain is more next to than behind my eyes) and if I feel my jaw or neck tensing up I’ll also add a layer there.
    This helps me more than ice! The effect lasts for about 0.5-1h but in this time the pain drops so much. This allows me to clear my headspace and make it a nicer one or, if I apply generously, helps me fall asleep without meds.
    The amount I use for this is definitely more than recommended and it irritates my skin a little when I fall asleep with it, but I only use it for severe pain and the little irritation (a pimple or two or sometimes a little dry spot) is definitely worth it then!!!

  2. Alice says:

    I use a lot of these tools too! Especially number 5. I’m really in to Podcasts right now.

  3. lindsay says:

    YES! You’re the first person I’ve seen who knows what Cefaly is! I’ve been using mine for a year now and while I don’t feel any different preventative-wise, I definitely feel a difference when its a bad pain day. Having it on for an hour can seriously get rid of the spike and just chill me out. Add an ice pack after I’m done and that’s the most effective regimen that works for me.

  4. I absolutely love all these Natalie!! Ice is my best friend too, I have a band that holds the ice pack on my head, and I stole the old sock holding the ice pack idea from you ages ago and it makes it a lot less harsh! So thank you for that ☺️

    I’m thinking of investing in a Cefaly after reading this post.

    I’ve also found gentle stretching invaluable because as you say my body seems to tense up so much with a migraine, but I’ve now introduced a specific neck/shoulder sequence in my stretches routine and it really really helps! Maybe not the migraine per say, just simply feeling looser and more relaxed.

    My mum bought me a “4head” balm and these migraine “cooling strips”, but to be honest they seem to mild for the pain and haven’t touched it – ice is still so much more effective.

    I’ve read so much about 4 specific supplements that help some people with migraines: magnesium, CQ10, B2/riboflavin, and Feverfew. I already take magnesium and do find Epsom salt baths help some types of my migraines, and I’ve just bought the other three supplements (desperate times = desperate measures!!). I’m introducing them one by one to take in the mornings with breakfast as my migraines are with me when I wake up. Apparently they take up to 3 months to see results (if they work for you), so it’s a waiting game now I guess!

    Other things I find useful are my lumie clock: absolutely HEAVEN for the eyes. As well as fairy lights, so much less harsh. Sunglasses are also always a must, and when I go to the batheroom etc I use candle light to guide me so the overhead lights so send me spinning!

    In terms of mindfulness, I once found this meditation which said about how when we’re in pain we always focus on the area that’s hurts, so consciously make an effort to find an area of the body that is pain free, even if it is literally an ear, or a toe. It really puts it into perspective and draws your mind away from the overcrowding pain in the head.

    Anyway I’ve rambled on enough, you can probably tell this post was SO timely for me. Although I’ll probably realise I missed somethinmg vital haha! Will keep checking in to see everyone else’s comments!

    Love to you always girl, (Mindfully) Evie xxxxx

  5. AH says:

    I just learned of your blog reading an article you wrote for Mantra Wellness magazine. I’m so grateful that I did.
    I have found over the years that sometimes I respond better to heat than cold – especially the throbbing migraines that seem to intensify when laying down. I wrap a heating pad (on high) around my head and then weigh it down with a couple of pillows and an arm thrown over the whole thing – this sometimes takes enough of the edge off to allow me to fall asleep.

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