The Mindfulness Barrier that Nobody Tells You About


  1. sunshinesannemarije says:

    This is so so true! Feeling the benefits of mindfulness or even only thinking of it as bearable took foreveeeer!!!!!
    I first developed a mindfulness habit while battling depression (no chronic migraine then) and I found it really helpful to anchor checking in with my body and my thoughts to activities I do regularly. For example, back then I rode the subway quite often. Every time I stepped into the subway I used the first few minutes to check in with myself. How am I feeling? What thoughts are running through my head? What do I need right now? Then I added the habit to every time I left the house, every time before I ate, …
    Now I do this regularly without needing the anchoring. And the answer to "what do I need?" often is meditation, while back when I started it wasn’t anything I felt I needed. But the little habits kept adding up to a more and more mindful life.

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