You Do Not “Deserve” Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness

  1. Olivia says:

    This is a great post! I really resonate with everything you said here. I am 4.5 years into my chronic illness battle, and can relate to the frustrating reality of trying everything you can possibly think of yet continuing to decline! It’s very, very demotivating and disempowering. But it’s that point in the journey when you realize that things may never change, but I can change my mindset (or at least work on changing it, as that in itself is a daily struggle).

    I really liked this line: "It hasn’t “cured” my chronic conditions or taken away my pain; but it has changed the way I carry pain — a life skill that I know will serve me far beyond managing my health." Positive outlooks don’t change our circumstances (usually) but they do help us carry those circumstances! I am right there with you in applying this, as guilt is something I also experience a lot. Sometimes I feel ashamed that my life is this way or that I am not accomplishing more or that I am a burden to those closest to me (caregivers). But when I reframe the mindset from "this is my fault, I should be doing more, maybe I am just lazy, etc. and that’s why I’m not better," to "I am dealing with way more than the average 28-year-old and it is a very hard burden–but that means I am extremely strong and I am proud of myself for continuing to press on each day in spite of these extreme challenges," it makes a difference! It is very important that we give ourselves credit for all that we ARE doing in SPITE of our limits and struggles rather than focusing solely on what we CAN’T do!

    Keep up the good work!

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