What is a “Hibernation Bubble” and Why Do We Need It?


  1. Karen says:

    Natalie, your routine sounds so similar to mine (just replace cat instead of dogs!) It’s so important to share this and normalize this part of the recovery. It’s not selfish or lazy to take this time, it’s 100% necessary in order to build back up our reserves. I know my struggle is finding the balance and not hibernating or cocooning too long, because it feels safer and easier than climbing back out. Sending strength your way, and wishes for easier days ahead. -Karen

  2. Olivia says:

    I resonate with this so much. As a chronic Lyme warrior, I know those days of "survival mode" well. They are rough, but having that bubble of peace, stillness, rest and freedom to NOT engage with the pressures of life (however small) is so critical. For me, if I am not too exhausted, I love to read fiction books and have found such inner joy and spark from that. Or, like you, turn to a go-to show or beloved movie. Or journal/sketch. And most of all, I pray, pray, pray and apply my faith that this is happening for a reason and it’s okay. I give myself permission to wait it out and be confident that I can grow and learn from it and know I am getting stronger. It’s a BATTLE! But I love reading about how others take this on. You are an inspiration! Feel free to check out my blog, too!
    Keep up the good fight!

  3. Michelle Tracy says:

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