Nine on Lyme — Things to Know About Lyme Disease

Chronic Illness

  1. Kathhhhhhh says:

    Dude. So freaking proud of you. Seriously. I am constantly amazing by your intelligence, both emotionally and medically, and I’m so impressed by everything you’re doing

  2. Harley Super says:

    Love this, thanks for writing!

  3. Ashley says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. Do you have any books or websites on Lyme Disease that you recommend?

  4. Kim says:

    Hi, just seeing this post about Lyme Disease. I was a 20 year chronic daily migraine warrior who is now cured. I can no longer have any connection to the migraine organizations because they have it all wrong. Chronic migraine is not a genetic neurological disorder. Genetics plays a role but there is a cause to every symptom in your body. It took me 20 years to determine the causes and I’m glad you determined yours too. Lyme, co-infections, mold (CIRS), heavy metal toxicity, environmental toxins are the causes. Stress and trauma can activate these genes and can bring dormant infections out. But genetics is not the cause of most illnesses. I hope after treatment you are cured too!! I blog too to try and educate other Migraine warriors to open their mind that they can be cured. Migraine is a symptom. The migraine specialists are not trained to determine the causes. They are trained by big pharma to give meds to manage symptoms for life. I believe you are on the right path to cure your migraines too! Never give up!! Also, look into neuroplasticity, DNRS by Annie Hopper and books by Joe Despenza. Healing is possible for most every chronic illness. It just takes an open mind, a new approach and hard work.

  5. Sarah says:

    After 2 years of chronic migraine I went to a functional doc who thinks it’s Lyme based on a meridian scan which I have a hard time believing in…. my symptoms are so similar to yours tho! Looking for a LLMD! What test do I trust to find Lyme?!

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