Coming Off of a Daily Preventative Migraine Medication

Chronic Illness

  1. Kathryn says:

    Hello, I’ve been following you on Insta and just now had the time to read your blog posting, as I was very curious about your Aimovig journey. I have a script for Aimovig, but my insurance denied paying for it, so I’m trying to enroll in the 2 free doses program. I’ve been going to a neurologist at Mayo Clinic for a few years now and he wouldn’t prescribe Aimovig to me because he said that Novartis doesn’t have any long term effects data, which he didn’t like. I had a long, weepy appt with him about it. He wanted to try the new eNeura trans-magnetic device, but I wasted 2 months trying to get my insurance to cover that too, and lost that battle. After 32 years of chronic migraines, trying every drug out there (except Botox), I’m just fed up. I wanted the Aimovig, so I had my GP prescribe it to me. Some of these neurologists just don’t understand what we go through. The trial and error and the time taken to get the meds, the time they take to work, the money spent, etc. It’s exhausting. I wanted to scream at him and say “just give me the drug!”. Lol. I am curious, have you found Botox to be helpful, or have you only just started that too? I’m leary of it because I have such sensitivities to drugs and once that stuff is in your system, it’s not like you can stop taking it, you know? Oh, and btw, my migraines have caused me to have a Central Sensitization Syndrome as well, so that’s been completely disabling the last 5 yrs. Isn’t it amazing, the human brain and how unlucky us migraine sufferers are?

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